Spring cleaning time!

It is that time of year again. The time when you go deep into your closets and storage areas and sift through everything you have. Clean out the old and bring in the new. Spring cleaning time!
Yesterday I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. We have a large storage area in our apartment building the holds everything from clothing to utensils for the kitchen. It had gotten so packed that you were not able to walk into it and get anything.
So with a hand full of garbage bags, some shelving and determination I went in. Eight Salvation Army bags and 4 garbage bags later I came out.
I couldn’t believe how many things I kept. Old clothing that I would never wear now. Things I hadn’t seen in years. Things I had never seen before (thanks K!). I don’t know why I was holding onto any of these things. None of them had any sentiment value. I wasn’t going to wear them again. I had no idea what to do with some of the stuff. SO to the Salvation Army they go. Someone else might wear them or display them or even know what it is for.
It feels good to know that everything is labeled and put on shelves. That we can actually walk into the damn thing and find something. Now onto the rest of the house!


One thought on “Spring cleaning time!

  1. Spring cleaning gives me the greatest high. I don’t have enough to clean here in California, but when I get home to my parents’ house in NJ for the summer, I’m definitely tackling the basement.

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