Awesome things I am going to do this summer.

Movies under the Stars.
What is more wonderful than getting together with some friends to watch movies under the stars and have a picnic overlooking the beautiful Manhattan Skyline? Nothing I tell you. I am eagerly awaiting the list of movies they will be having at the park. I can’t wait!

Three day weekends away.
K and I have already scheduled one weekend away with friends in June. A wonderful cabin in Pennsylvania and some local sightseeing.
We are also going to try to do some spontaneous trips here and there and maybe even a camping trip at the end of the summer. I love getting away.

Make many more ice creams/sorbets.
I bought an ice cream maker last year. I can’t tell you how amazing homemade ice cream is. You know exactly what you are putting in your mixes and they taste even better than store-bought ice creams. You can also try crazy flavors!

Finishing the wedding planning.
Well of course this needs to be done. If not there will be no wedding on Oct 1st. I am having so much fun planning everything and just making up our dream wedding. I hope every one enjoys the day as much as we will!

Swimming and canoeing and tubing oh my.
I want to get out and do more outdoors things. I want to get some wonderful color from the sun and feel alive.

What your your plans for the summer?


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