Do before I die – # 25 Experience a game of roller derby

 # 25. Experience a game of roller derby

Ever since I found out that women still play this sport I wanted to go to a game. So when a friend said that he was going to get tickets I knew that I was in. We decided on a date (Saturday, May 22nd) and bought our tickets. The match was the Garden State Rollergirls (an all-female flat-track roller derby league based in Wallington, NJ) against Diamond State Roller Girls (based in Delaware).



What is roller derby you ask? Invented in 1920s America, roller derby has evolved into a predominantly female sport – and one that is fiercely aggressive. Teams take part in bouts and score points by getting their “jammer” – usually their fastest player – around the track ahead of opposition players. They earn a point for each one they lap, but while the jammer is trying to get round, the other team is trying to stop her, using almost any means possible. Most players in these leagues skate under aliases, many of which are creative examples of word play with satirical, mock-violent or sexual puns, alliteration, and allusions to pop culture (i.e Beantown Brawler, Little Red Riot Hood, Costa Fortune). Players actually register their chosen names and no two in the world can choose the same.

I had a blast. With each lap around the track that they did I became more and more amazed. Their stamina was outstanding. The skills and the way they picked themselves up was astonishing. They made me want to go right back home and buy a pair of skates and learn to skate the way they were. I loved the fact that women of all shapes and sizes were playing – that they were confident and strong. I will be definitely going to another game soon!


3 thoughts on “Do before I die – # 25 Experience a game of roller derby

  1. Yes this would be a fun thing to experience. I hadn’t really heard of roller derby before watching the movie Whip It. I’m not even sure where a roller derby event would be around where I live, but if you have access for one, definitely go to it – sounds like fun!

    (P.S. I just noticed your sidebar – I watched Leap Year not too long ago and it’s very cute! Definitely worth watching!)

  2. I haven’t see it in person (I dont know of any teams playing in Detroit), but I have watched many videos online. It looks like it would be a great time to do competatively or even if you could just get a bunch of friends (and maybe some non-friends 🙂 to play for fun. It’s probably meant for some to just watch and enjoy if they aren’t into the contact part of it.

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