Last Friday K was able to get out of work early. We had planned to get together and do our registry for the wedding. I had researched registering for the last week or so and looked over everything that we had and wanted. I was so ready.

The first stop we did was Macy’s. I had always wanted to register at Macy’s and I knew that they would have a ton of things that I would love. We met with our consultant Shelia and she was amazing. Funny, to the point and perfect for us. She told us the ins and outs of registering and gave us scanner. First we headed to the china department. Both K and I wanted a new more grown up look to our dishes. We were both drawn to the same set and quickly decided that we needed it on our registry. I can’t wait to eat our first dinner off this gorgeous china.

After picking the china it was completely easy from there. We knew what we needed or what needed to be replaced and scanned away.

After finishing at Macy’s, K and I headed to Crate & Barrel (which for some reason my mother keeps calling Cracker Barrel – an old country store and eatery). This is where we decided to get our smaller items (i.e stemless wine glasses, bowls, spoons and kitchen utensils). Again we were handed a scanner and went on our merry way.

I am absolutely in love with every item that we have on our registry. I can’t wait to see what we end up getting. Each item was picked with care and thought.

We are just so grateful for that we have found each other and even said on our wedding website – “We both feel grateful to have each other, loving families and friends which will make our wedding day truly special. Although no gifts are necessary, we have registered at Macy’s and Crate and Barrel for gifts towards our new life together. As always – Thank you for being part of our lives! That is one of the greatest gifts that you could give us.”


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