# 35 is to eat steamed crabs just picked from the ocean.

This weekend my family and I decided to go down to a friends beach/bay house. The house is quant and adorable. It has a wonderful backyard with a pool and a dock. It is right on the bay and had wonderful scenery. I was so happy to get away for a bit. The sound of the water and the fresh air really refreshed me. After weeks of running around and having every available hour of the day scheduled it was nice to be able to just sit back and not have to worry about anything. Take in some sun, have great conversations and eat wonderful food.

Speaking of eating wonderful food, I was finally able to eat # 35 of my Eat before I die list. # 35 is to eat steamed crabs just picked from the ocean. I have always loved seafood. When I first arrived at the beach/bay house I found out that we were going to be able to go crabbing. I have always wanted to try freshly caught crab and this was going to be the perfect opportunity for it. My uncle taught me how to set up the traps and set them out. Then we waited and waited and waited. By the middle of the morning we had at least 5 crabs – later in the day at least 10.

{Sorry little guy}

I wasn’t big on the cooking/cleaning part so we had their neighbors do it. They were professionals. After they were cooked and cleaned we were able to feast. I haven’t tasted a fresher, more delicious crab in my whole life. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to the ocean so I could eat fresh seafood all the time.  This experience really taught me how much goes into crabbing and how it comes from the ocean to our plates.


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