Life, sleep and tea.

Life and sleep. Both tend to get in the way of blogging now and again, don’t they?

Life and sleep are two of the reasons why my posts have been shorter lately. Life has been keeping me so busy that I have wanted to sleep more and more. Sometimes when K and I get home we just fall into bed and wake up the next day. Today is actually the first day that we are going to have at least a couple of hours to sit around and maybe watch a movie. No scratch that – we ARE going to watch a movie. We also decided to have an easy dinner – pizza and beer.

I must say that we picked the perfect day to have a couple of hours off. The rain is falling lightly on our window and the cool breeze is completely refreshing. It makes our relaxation time even better and lets us feel a little less guilty. I mean if it was sunny and warm we would want to run right out again and do something.

Today is also a perfect day for a cup of tea. When we were given our Keurig Brewing System K decided he needed to buy coffee/tea to go with it. He bought a couple of coffee sample packs and a tea sample pack. I, of course, was excited about the tea sample pack because it would help me get a bit further with one of my 101 in 1001 goals – #55. Try 12 new teas (3/12). The tea sample pack contained Earl Grey Tea by Bigelow, English Breakfast Decaf Tea by Twinings, Green Tea by Gloria Jeans, Mandarin Orange Spice Tea by Celestial Seasonings and Lemon Blueberry Passion Tea by Timothy’s. So today I slipped in the Lemon Blueberry Passion Tea by Timothy’s. This tea really surprised me. It came out of my Keurig brewer a dark purple color and had a fragrant tropical aroma. It is an herbal blend with a touch of hibiscus and blueberry and a tangy, fresh lemon taste. The mix of all these fruits may sound daunting, but they really work and provide a mouthful of flavor. When I took my first sip I tasted exactly like the spa that I go to. I know this sounds completely weird, but it did. The smell at the spa is something that I love. It is refreshing and relaxing at the same time – just like this tea. Now if only I had a masseuse here!


One thought on “Life, sleep and tea.

  1. Sometimes, taking those days to relax and making sure you do precisely that are exactly what you need. I’m going to plan a movie and lazy day soon.

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