No Monday blues here.

Monday’s are always a day that people dread. Not me. Every Monday I make sure I have something exciting or special going on so that I don’t get the Monday blues. My sister comes over, we watch a great movie, try a new ice cream or just sit around and have girl talk. I love Monday’s.

So when Monday rolls around I am always looking for a simple recipe to put together that won’t take much time and that tastes great. Today’s recipe came from the July/August 2010 edition of Everyday Food by Martha Stewart. It is both a tasty dish and budget savvy. It was the Tomato & Basil Pizza (also known as a Margherita Pizza). It was sooo good. The mozzarella I bought from the market and was super fresh. The pizza dough made from a local pizzeria and the sauce was homemade.

In addition to the pizza my sister and I also decided to start on K and my wedding invitations. Yes you read that right…we are making our own wedding invitations. My sister used to work at a stationary place and would make the professional invitations you see everyone have. So when I got engaged we agreed that we would not have someone else do them, we would make them ourselves. So after finishing our pizza we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to start on the task. Armed with our paper and double stick tape we were able to get part of the invitations done. Now we just have to wait for the printing to be finished and we can complete them. I am so in love with them right now!

So next time you see Monday on the calender remember that you can always fight the Monday blues with some fun and pizza!


2 thoughts on “No Monday blues here.

  1. I also find a good homemade pizza fixes the midweek blues and the end of week exhaustion too. I make my own pizza dough and there’s always enough for two pizzas. I love that. I always have to make two pizzas. I think melted mozzarella makes the world a better place, at least my world.

    • Pizza is always a pick me up!

      I have only once made homemade pizza dough and it did not come out that well. Going to have to try again sometime!

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