Internet. The time sucker.


Ever since I have gotten engaged all I keep doing is reading through bridal blogs. I look for ideas and sometimes even find DIY projects for the wedding. I love reading about other brides and knowing that they are going through the same things I am. I see that brides have done weddings in less time that I have (we only have 6 months). That things can be done with a reasonable amount of money and effort. They inspire me to go that extra step and to really put myself and K into the wedding.

I don’t know about you but sometimes the internet just sucks me in. I’ll log on to check my email and then next thing you know I’m reading reviews about new movies coming out and filling my online shopping cart with aprons and things from Etsy. The internet. It is a time sucker. You log on and next thing you know the sun has gone down and dinner has not been made.

No matter what…whether it be a wedding, having a baby or just logging on to check my e-mails the internet will always suck me in.


2 thoughts on “Internet. The time sucker.

  1. It shocks me how many hours on end I could spend on the internet, especially when social networks are busy. It’s also TV watching that sucks me in, where I just say “one more episode”, and before I know it four hours are gone. I always wonder what I would have done with my time if I was born pre-internet.
    And good luck with your wedding planning! I always feel like picking up those bridal magazines just to look at all the lovely ideas, even though I’m not engaged.

  2. Sometimes, I can discover I’ve spent an entire day “catching up” on things. It can be really frustrating, especially when I have real work I need to do. Thank goodness I stay away from videos.

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