Things I would never do.

Ok. So someone at work is always telling me on I am prozac (for the record I have never taken the drug). She jokes it is because I always have a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Two things that I don’t think are that bad.

I am always trying to look on the bright side. To see the good in people and try to make this life as happy as I can. With that said, today’s post is not going to be about happy things. It is going to be about Things I would never do. I do not judge others who like to do these things, but some things are just not for me.

Things I would never do:

1. I will never wear crocs. No. No. No. No matter how comfortable someone tells me those shoes are I will never set my foot in them. Even though half the people I know wear them with their scrubs I will always wear sneakers with mine. I am saying no.

2. Chain letters or chain texts. I will NOT send them to 10 people I know. As soon as I see them in my inbox I delete them never even opening them.

3. I will never drive a minivan. I don’t care if I have 20 children. You will never see me in one of those. 4×4 it will be.

4. I will never tattoo someone’s initials/name on me. I have seen people do it. Two weeks later that person is out of their life. The only way I see that this is possible is if it is of your child.

5. Be a cannibal. Eww..people.

Ok. It was seriously hard for me to think of things that I would never do. There must be more out there, but it is 6am and I just can’t think of them.

What is something that you wouldn’t do?


6 thoughts on “Things I would never do.

  1. Ha, I’m reading your list going, “Yup. Yup. Yep, that too.” I am so there with you on EVERY one. What I can’t stand is when people tell me, “Oh, just wait, you’ll change your mind.” I get that most about Crocs and minivans. Torture would be driving a minivan while wearing Crocs, haha.

  2. Danielle, I SOOOOO completely agree, especially about the crocs but about everything else as well. This post was too funny.
    Have a great weekend!

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