Overwhelmed. That is what I have been for the last couple of days. Completely and utterly overwhelmed. So much has been happening. The wedding planning is really underway right now. I have people helping, but due to my obsessive complusivness I am in every little planning aspect. I look over everything. I know this isn’t a good thing and that I should really let people help, but it is just the way I am.

Our dining room has turned into wedding central. There are boxes with the invitation papers, boxes of presents that have started to come in, projects in partial completion and decorations for the reception area. I also have all paper work that has to do with the wedding, wedding magazines and my laptop. We actually have had no one over for dinner parties because I have completely taken over. We also have been eating dinner on fold out tables in the living room because I need the space. I know it sounds chaotic, but it really is not. Everything is in perfect order, labeled and organized (another part of my obsessive compulsive disorder).

I purposely scheduled a message, pedi/mani and a hair appointment (and maybe even a Cupcake Festival) this weekend so that I can get in some time for myself and get off the wedding wagon for just a little bit. Hopefully after this weekend I will come back refreshed and ready to take on even more wedding planning.


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