A little change is never bad.

So K and I have been discussing our living situation. We would really like to buy a house at this time, but with the wedding coming up it is going to be very hard to do. We also have our lease coming up in a couple of months and we are thinking of renewing it. The wedding is right around the time that we would need to move and I don’t think I could handle both a move and wedding planning. I know I would just crack under pressure. So in the end we have decided to spruce up our place a bit. I would love to add color to the walls but he is highly against it. He feels it is a waste to do since we are only going to live here another year more. I told him that another year is a long time…I will see what I can do to turn him around about it.

Below are a couple of pictures that inspire me. I love colors, clean lines, wooden floors and fun little silly extras. I am hoping that when our little project is finished I love it. I am just hoping it doesn’t take too long…

Here are some inspirations for the redo:

{All pictures from Apartment Therapy}


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