86. Go on three random day adventures and I use my GPS to find my way home (2/3)

# 86. Go on three random day adventures and I use my GPS to find my way home (2/3)

This week K had off from work. He needed to take his vacation days or he was going to lose them. So when I found out he was going to take the next week and a half off I jumped at the opportunity to take a couple of days off myself. We have been working hard on the wedding and just needed sometime to get away and do things. Our first place we decided to go was the Yeungling Factory in Pottsville, PA. K has always liked breweries and we thought that this would be a nice little road trip.

Our friend D decided to came along with us. I love long road trip with friends. Especially friends that make me laugh hysterically. We had so much fun on the drive just talking, listening to music and laughing. The trip was long, but worth it. Once we got to the Yeungling Factory we hit the gift shop and decided to take the tour. If you have never been to a brewery it is definitely cool to check out. It was quite interesting to learn how everything was made before it gets to your local bar or restaurant.

The Yeungling Factory is the oldest brewery in America. It was established in 1831 and has been solely owned by the Yeungling family and no one else. Our tour guide was amazing and funny. She even gave D the “teachers eye” when he started talking during her tour.

{The beer flew by!}

I especially loved the part of the factory where we were able to see the assembly line and the underground caves where the beer used to be housed.


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