Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

1. The warmth on my skin.  I have a nice little glow right now due to the last couple of days in the sun.  I love the way my skin looks and feels after a light tan.

2. Macarons. I am really loving this wonderful cookie.  Even thinking of having it at our wedding.  I would also love this cake.

3.  A good book in an air conditioned apartment. When it is 100 degrees outside there is nothing better than a well air conditioned spot to sit and relax….especially with a good book.

4. Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee by Green Mountain for my Keurig. Tastes like coffee and a blueberry muffin combined. Delish!

5. Our wedding invitations. The invitations are coming along wonderfully.  After putting together the first one I cried.  They are just so lovely!

6.  Flats. This summer I have a ton of new flats.  Every time I go to the store I want to buy another pair.  They are so cute and comfortable!

7. Framboise Lambic Beer. I love it really cold and in a cute glass. It it a perfect “girly” beer.  It is a Belgian lambic beer that is fermented using raspberries and goes amazingly with chocolate desserts and fresh raspberries. I can’t wait to make this Lottie + Doof recipe of Framboise Lambic Beer Sorbetto.

8. Covert Affairs On USA. This is going to be my new go to show to watch this summer.  Reminds me a lot of Alias.

9. The posters and prints over at MadeByGirl. I want to buy just about every one of them. I just might one day!

10. Summer lists. Things you want to do for the summer.  So many bloggers are doing it (Like Not Your Average Ordinary & Orangette).  What a great idea. It is like my 101 in 1001 list only shorter.  Too bad I caught onto it when summer is 1/2 over.


4 thoughts on “Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

  1. I love this list! 🙂 2,3, and 7 especially! I haven’t had that framboise beer since being in France, but that and cider saved me. I’m really really not a beer drinker, but I could handle that one because it was so fruity!

  2. I say go for it and make it list. Make it an August list rather than a summer list, it doesn’t matter. If you want to do it, do it. And numbers 3 and 7, I am SO with you on.

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