I am a lover of all things Jane Austin. So when I heard of this series I knew that I would have to watch it. So off to Netflix I went and eagerly awaited for the DVD’s to come in the mail.

Emma is the story of the rich and clever Emma Woodhouse who imagines herself to be the matchmaker of the village of Highbury, a role she takes on against the advice of her older and wiser friend Mr. Knightley. Unfortunately, Emma succeeds mostly in entangling several lives, including her own. This is a story of a coming-of-age experience in the classic Jane Austen style.

Emma has been adapted for the screen many times before. I truly loved this series and was thoroughly absorbed by the delightful rendition. The characters were perfectly matched and the scenery and costumes were gorgeous! This just might be one of my absolute favorite versions of Jane Austen’s classic book.


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