Mad about macarons!!

After writing my blog post on Wednesday (Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now… ) I was really, really craving macarons. I also wanted to order some so that my family could try them. K and I have been talking about having them at our wedding, but so many people we know have no idea what they are or what they taste like.

{Macarons bought at our last outing to NYC}

I know that I won’t be able to get into New York City till the beginning of August (where they have bakeries that sell them), so I searched the internet for a place that might have them in New Jersey. Alas, I could not find a bakery close that had them. So I continued the search until I found MadMac.

MadMac is a distributor (wholesale and/or retail) that sells authentic french macarons and madeleines. Two of my favorite cookies in the whole wide world. MadMac sells macaron trays of 12 and of 48. They have traditional flavors such as chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, vanilla, white chocolate and lemon. You can also order non-traditional flavors such as matcha green tea, jasmin tea, earl grey, sesame seeds, star anis, cinnamon and pumpkin. Oh how I wish I could order them all!

Last night the order came. One box for me and another for my boss (another great lover of the cookie). I was only able to eat one (lemon) since we were on our way out for dinner, but I can’t wait till tonight so I could have some more!


4 thoughts on “Mad about macarons!!

  1. Love these! 🙂 There’s a bunch of places here that make them, one in particular that equals some I had in Paris. PS – you get a super gold star in my book for spelling it correctly 🙂

  2. The Hester Street Fair on Saturdays (I think) in NYC — there’s a really awesome macaron seller there. When you finally get in there, check them out.

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