I have been a bad blogger lately.

I have been a bad blogger lately.

So many things have been going on that I have not been able to write as much lately. I also have been commenting less and less because I just can’t seem to find moments in the day to do so. I feel like a horrible blogger.

At work most people are able to meet their blogger needs. I can not. We are not allowed to use the internet in that way and the amount of  patients we see a day is astounding. Sometimes it is so busy I forget I need to pee.

On top of it all I will be attending BlogHer. I feel a little intimidated because so many of those bloggers have thriving blogs and comment on every comment they get. I try…I truly try but it has been so hard lately.

I am hoping that once everything settles with the wedding I will be able to go back to the usual blogging and commenting. I really want to make this blog the best I can make it…

Update:  Shortly after writing this blog post I used the hour after to find new blogs and comment on friends blogs.


One thought on “I have been a bad blogger lately.

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself — things get busy and real life should always come before blog stuff. Focus on your wedding right now. When that’s over, you can make new goals for blogging and work on sticking to them. And have fun at BlogHer!!

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