Etsy Love – Turquoise

Turquoise has always been a favorite color of mine. It just is the most beautiful color. It always makes me happy to look at it and it is always so clean and fresh.

I want to buy everything in this Etsy Love collection!

1. Turquoise and White Peacock Feather Sunglass Case
2. Note cards
3. You Are Loved – 8×10
4. Turquoise Lattice Pillow Covers
5. Apron
6. Porcelain Ring


2 thoughts on “Etsy Love – Turquoise

  1. LOVE. Turquoise is one of my fave colors. Curious – how do you write the numbers on your pictures? (if you tell me photoshop I might cry because I don’t have it!)

    • It is so easy! Flickr! I don’t have photoshop either!
      I use the Picnic feature on Flickr and just add the text (and they give you a couple of different fonts to work with). It is free with you Flickr account.

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