Recap: BlogHer 2010

This week has been quite the incredible whirlwind. I have been wanting to write about last weeks BlogHer, but just haven’t had the time. With work and wedding planning things just got away from me. But now that it is the middle of the night and everyone else is asleep I can breathe deep and have a moment to write.

BlogHer was inspirational. It was mind-blowing and educational. When I arrived with Candice on Friday I was completely overwhelmed. There was so much going on, so many people and so many things to learn. I felt like a child again on her first day of school, but with better clothing and more money in my purse.

I went to sessions and absorbed everything the speakers said. I took notes. There were so many great sessions that I had trouble picking which I wanted to attend. The sessions I did attend taught me so much more about blogging that I thought they would. They inspired me to be a better writer, work on my blog and get out there and make more blogger friends.

I had an amazing time at BlogHer, but felt that I could have done more. I should have done more. I did met with so many amazing women. Women who were not afraid to speak their minds, who loved to write and who completely understood what being a blogger meant. I was among my people and I was loving it.

I am looking forward to next years BlogHer in San Diego. Next year I would like to be more focused on what sessions I would like and not get caught up in the swag and craziness of it all. I want to attend parties and meet up with other like-minded women. I want to absorb everything BlogHer has to offer.


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