An early birthday present – A Demy!

So for an early birthday present I got the most wonderful toy.  A Demy!! The Demy is the first digital recipe reader that holds your entire recipe collection in a sleek, compact, kitchen-safe device. With a high-resolution color touchscreen, an uncluttered interface and many special tools, the Demy makes any cook’s job easier.  Especially mine!

The Demy is powered by Key Ingredient, a site to find, create, share and collect recipes. Membership is free and getting started is easy. Once my membership is set up, I can add my own recipes or browse the enormous collection of recipes added by other users.

The Demy also comes with three built-in timers, a conversion tool and quick access a list of ingredient substitutions! I haven’t had the time to really dive into my new toy, but when I do you know there will be a ton of new recipes here on the blog! I can’t wait to play with it!


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