Half an hour of pure bliss…

The last two weeks have been a non stop whorl wind of meetings for weddings, bridal showers (2 just for me!) and needing to pick things up for the wedding.

And it is September 6th.  25 days till the wedding. Oh my!

So lately I have not been cooking.  With all of the things that need to get done, K and I will pick something up quick on the way home.   This has been so hard because due to the bridal showers I have a ton of stuff that I want to use.  From new plates to knives to cutting boards.  All of them are just sitting there not being used. They are calling my name.

Finally last week I could not take it any more.  I needed something homemade and delicious.  Since the weather has been getting a little chilly here in NJ I decided to make a soup.  A potato soup to be exact.  I, of course, used the crock pot because I didn’t really have time to sit and watch over anything.  But that half an hour of chopping and getting everything ready for the soup was pure bliss.  Cooking for me is such a stress reliever and lately I have been so stressed.

The soup came out perfect.  I wish that I had a recipe to show you here, but I was so happy to just be in the kitchen that I didn’t write anything down.  I made the soup by just adding things and thinking what would taste amazing in it.  No recipe needed.

I did get a picture though.


One thought on “Half an hour of pure bliss…

  1. It looks delicious. I’m glad you finally had a moment to cook — there’s something so soothing about homemade soup. And I can’t believe your wedding is so close! You must be so excited.

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