At this very moment…

At this very moment, K and I are sitting side by side on the couch, typing away on our laptops and he is sipping on coffee while I sip on tea. He is doing homework and I am writing this post.

We are happy to be sitting here with each other. Spending quiet time and just being together. The weeks before the wedding were insane. For the week and a half before the wedding we saw each other a total amount of 8 hours. Our work schedules were a bit jumbled up, he then would have school while I did errands for the wedding. While we were in the apartment together he would do homework while I would do wedding work.

It feels good to just sit next to him. Knowing that we are now husband and wife.

So this week we are going to do little things together. Catch up on the time we were apart. Catch a movie, relax, have a home cooked meal, catch up on sleep and just enjoy each other.

Wow. We are husband and wife.


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