Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

1.  Not having to be somewhere. While planning a wedding you are always somewhere.  Be it the florist, the store, printers or your Mom’s house.  You always have somewhere to be and something to do.  I am just enjoying the quiet time now.

2.  Breakfast for dinner. Who doesn’t love a good french toast at 7 in the evening?

3. Applebee’s boneless wings. So bad, but they taste so good.

4.  Spice lattes. Apple Cider and Pumpkin spice.  I love the tastes of fall.

5.  Sweet tea. Even though fall is here, I can not give up my sweet tea.  I will make it no matter what season it is.

6.  Cleaning. Slowly our apartment is looking less like a wedding disaster zone and more like our home again.

7.  Puppies. I want a puppy that I saw in the store a week ago.  I can’t stop thinking about him.  Really wishing that we would have one…especially him.

8.  Long, hot baths. Soaking in the tub with some great music, candles burning and no place to go.  Heaven.

9.  Natalie Portman. I can NOT wait to see Black Swan.

10.  Fall vegetables. Mmmm…pumpkin and spinach!


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