I love surfing the net. So when I woke up at seven am yesterday morning with nowhere to go and things to do (which I did not want to do yet) I decided to surf the net.
Here are six websites that I have come across yesterday that I would love to share with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Lovely Scribbles. All things design. Her place cards are amazing. I did DIY place cards for our wedding and they are no where near as pretty as hers. Amazing.

2. Eat*Drink*Pretty. A lifestyle blog focused on cooking, baking and entertaining/party planning. A girl after my own heart.

3. The Sweetest Occasion. What great party planning. Adorable tables!

4. Pictures and Pancakes.  I found this one through GOOP.  What a lovely site.

5. Sweet Paul. I might have shown you this website before. It is worth mentioning again! That is how much I love it.

6. Z Tasty Life. What stands out to me most is her photography. Simple and pure. I wish that I could be half as good as she is.


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