Fill in the Blank Friday!

Another week has gone by. I always look forward to Friday’s. Not only does it mean that the weekend is here, but also that we get to do the Fill in the Blank Friday from The Little Things We Do

1. My Halloween plans this year will include staying at home. We were planning on going to a party, but I caught a really nasty cold and won’t be able to go. I am pretty bummed out!

2. My most memorable Halloween costume was K and I were Adam and Eve. A bunch of our friends were the deadly sins.

3. For Halloween this year I’m going to be …Well we were going to be Hansel and Gretel. Not anymore…maybe next year!

4. I’ve always wanted to dress up as something really, really funny!

5. Halloween free association! Candy corn, candy, candy, pumpkins and candy!!!

6. The worst thing about Halloween is when it is cold and you dress up. Or when it is raining. Those are sad Halloween’s.

7. The best thing about Halloween is the fun that you have. That it isn’t weird for a grown adult to dress up and have a little fun! You get to be a kid again!


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