Ten Things I’m Really Loving Right Now…

1. Apple cider. I clearing have been missing something great. I had never tried this wonderful drink and now that I am sad that it only comes around during fall.

2. Woot: One day, one deal. Have you ever seen this site? If not, you should really check it out. I love the tee-shirts that they have on sale. Some of them are so funny and cute. And at only $10 how can you go wrong?

3. Dark nail polish. I love when the weather gets cooler and the nights darker. This means it is time to pull out the darker nail polish and glam it up a bit.

4. After Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. I can NOT wait till it happens. Bookishpenguin and I will be throwing this bash and I CAN NOT WAIT!

5. Discovering little shops in little towns I have never heard of. A couple of girlfriends and I have been spending time in little towns that have wonderful streets with little shops. I love discovering new places.

6. Not have channels five and nine. Seems that Cablevision and channel five and nine have been doing me a favorite. Less shows to watch in the DVR. More time to do other things.

7. Comfy blankets on cool nights with great books. Enough said.

8. Finding out that I can buy books on Amazon and they directly download into my Kindle. Loving, yet it is so easy to keep buying more books!

9. Laughter. Because it is the best medicine.

10. My new Kitchen Aid Mixer. Because it is bigger and better and faster then my old one. Oh and it doesn’t make funny noises when I turn it on!


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