IMDB TOP 250 Movies:# 28. North by Northwest (1959)

This is another list that I have not even thought about in months – IMDB TOP 250 Movies. Due to the wedding we didn’t really have much time to watch as movies as we would have liked. So I decided to go over the list again and see what Netflix had on their “Watch Instantly” and add a couple to my Queue. The first movie I got was North by Northwest.

North by Northwest is a classic from director Alfred Hitchcock. It stars Cary Grant as an advertising executive who looks a little too much like someone else and is forced to go on the lam (I love that saying!).

I did enjoy this movie just like I have for most the films by Alfred Hitchcock (like here, here and here). I don’t know why, but I am always drawn to seeing his movies before anything else on the list.

Favorite Quote: “Now you listen to me, I’m an advertising man, not a red herring. I’ve got a job, a secretary, a mother, two ex-wives and several bartenders that depend upon me, and I don’t intend to disappoint them all by getting myself “slightly” killed.”


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