In constant renewal…

K always laughs at me.  I am constantly finding new and different ways that I want to change the apartment.  It is because I get bored easily.  I like to come home and switch things around.  It seems like our apartment is in constant renewal…

So when I came across a photo in the latest Crate and Barrel catalog (page 44 in the Holiday 2010 catalog). I knew what I wanted to do next.  In the photo there is a line of cookie cutters displayed on the back splash.  I have never seen this before and thought that it would be a fun little change.  Since we don’t have much room in our tiny little kitchen on the backsplash I decided to go for the look on the wall space right above our cabinets. 

I am still collecting the cookie cutters – I have just a couple more to go.  Then they will be placed and I will eventually move onto another part of the apartment.  I love the look and I can not wait to see it completed!

{I could not find the Crate & Barrel photo but this is close enough}


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