Monday Five Countdown

Since it is Monday, I decided to join in with Bookishpenguin’s Monday Five Countdown. Do give it a try!

Five Things I’m Grateful For

1. My new cookbook.  My hubby bought me a Cooking Light cookbook for Christmas.  I love all of the recipes that I have been making from it lately.  I can’t wait to make more!

2. A fresh start.  A new year with new things to try and new starts. 

3. Once again my husband.  He is amazing and I count my blessings each and every week.  I am so happy to be his wife.

4. Being able to relax this weekend.  All we did was relaxing and enjoy each other.  It was such a gift!

5. The snow.  I know it sounds weird but I am grateful for a bit of snow.  I love it!

Four Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About

1. Things that are coming up in the next month.  There may be a lot of changes.  And sometimes change scares me.

2.  My new 101 in 1001 days list.  I am looking forward to accomplishing as much I can in the next year.  I can’t wait to post some of the things I have already done.

3. This blog.  I am so far behind on things here.  I have been so busy that I haven’t had the time to really write as much as I have wanted.  This weekend I had time, but I just felt that I needed to spend some time with the hubby relaxing and enjoying each others company instead of writing.

4. How cold it is and the upcoming snow.  I am always one to be ready for snow storms.  I make sure we have all the supplies we need (shovels, food, hot chocolate with marshmallows, movies and fun things to do).  Always ready!

Three Things I Want To Accomplish This Week

1. Writing more on the blog.  I really need to update some spots and write about things that have been happening.

2. Finish our paperwork for our wedding video.  I am so behind and I keep pushing the paperwork aside.  I really need to get it done and sent out.

3 Getting my new drivers license.  I have tried three times to change over to my new married name.  I am hoping that this week will be the week I get it done.  Hopefully no more lines, computers that are down or snow storms on the day I want to go!

Two Things I Am Working To Be Positive About

1. Holiday bills.   All of the bills from the holiday are coming in.  Need to pay some things off and start saving.

2. Losing weight.  Gaining during the holidays is always bad.  Now I have to get positive about eating better and shedding some of this weight.

One Random Thing

1. I really wish that it snows this Wednesday.  For some reason I want to build a snowman.  Hoping for snow!

What’s going on with your five for today?


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