The First of 500!

88. Complete every recipe in The Best Of Cooking Light: Everyday Favorites (1/500)

When I received The Best of Cooking Light: Everyday Favorites for Christmas I was overjoyed. I love making new recipes on a daily basis. Lately I have been lagging because nothing inspired me. Nothing made me want to jump up and run into the kitchen. This book has reignited the cooking flame.

It was very hard to figure out what to make first. With over 500 recipes – which do you choose first? So I left it up to my husband. He flipped through the pages Ooing and Ahhing.

Finally he came upon page 223. Chicken and Dumplings from Scratch.

As I gazed over the recipe I realized that it was pretty easy BUT I only had the chicken “soup” base for the recipe. After searching around a bit in the cookbook I found another dumpling recipe. The Chicken and Rosemary Dumplings on page 343. So I decided to take the soup “base” part of the recipe from the Chicken and Dumplings from Scratch and then to take the dumplings (sans rosemary) from the Chicken and Rosemary Dumplings.

Confusing, huh?

Well, after all the searching and pondering I headed into the kitchen. Both recipes were perfecting written AND easy to make. Together they are a simply beautiful dish and it just warms your soul.

I would have had pictures to go along with the recipe, but alas we were so hungry from searching through the cookbook that we just dug into the dumplings. I completely forgot to take my camera out. There will be a next time for this dish, so I am hoping to remember to take one then!

This post is part of my 101 in 1001 series. Please click on the “101 in 1001” tag to read the many other attempts.


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