Hermits need to eat right?

 82. Try 15 new restaurants (1/15)

Lately K and I have been hermits. We have been staying at home way too much. No going out, no visiting friend’s houses or having them come to us. It has been quite nice to just enjoy each others company and the many movies and shows we have caught up on.

So yesterday I finally said enough is enough. I had a bad “one of those days” at work and felt that we needed to get out and do something. So instead of staying at home and cooking dinner we decided to check out a new place that opened up in our town, Zinburger.

Zinburger is a new restaurant that has a selection of gourmet burgers, salads and sides, along with shakes and desserts and a selection of wine. The restaurant offers a full bar with cocktails, 20 wines by glass and 12 beer selections with 4 that are on tap. The wine is actually the main reason that I wanted to go to this place on this particular day. I didn’t want to open a bottle at home, so I thought we could enjoy good food and a glass of wine. Of course I ended up getting sangria instead of a glass of wine, but hey sangria has wine in it, right?

The atmosphere of Zinburger was sleek and contemporary with a lot of wood and earth tones. The waiters were upbeat and very friendly. K and I both decided to order one of their gourmet burgers. I went with the Samburger (applewood smoked bacon, american cheese and thousand island dressing) and K went with the Plain and Simple Burger (but added cheese and wild mushrooms). Each burger was perfectly done with juicy patties and topped with premium ingredients. Since the burgers do not come with french fries we decided to order a side of sweet potato fries. Afterwards, we both ordered shakes to go. I went with the Banana Foster and he went with the Butterfinger.

Ooooh my goodness the shakes were heaven. I wish I could have had the Banana Foster Shake today as my lunch.

Everything was delicious. We enjoyed our meal out, but I do have to say that this place can be a bit pricey. The burgers themselves can be anywhere from $10 to $15 (without any sides). A side of fries will run you $5 and the shakes are $6 each. Wines can be ordered by the glass or bottle and all start around $5 and go up from there. At the end of our meal we ended with a bill of approximately $60 for two people. If you are looking for a new place to check out and something out of the ordinary Zinburger is the way to go. Just be aware that you will spend a bit more on your meal then the usual burger joint.


2 thoughts on “Hermits need to eat right?

  1. Great review! Good to know they’re a bit pricey. We’ll have to save this for a special night out. Only I’ll get some wine, but I know Tom will want a milkshake (or two, haha).

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