Just dance, but we might laugh at you.

92. Try 10 new video games (1/10)

If you aren’t aware already, K and I are avid gamers.  We love spending a night bowling in our own home.  Some Sunday’s we take adventures with Lego men and Indiana Jones.  Other days you can find us brawling in our living room with our friends.

For Christmas K and I got each other new games (plus the usual clothing and accessories but those are not as much fun).  I received Just Dance 2.

Just Dance 2 is a game where you pick a song to dance to, hold a Wii Remote in your right hand, and mimic the actions of a virtual dancer onscreen. You are awarded points based on movements tracked by the Wii Remote, with each successful move being scored.  There’s a great selection of 45 songs, with something for everyone. Whether you want to dance to Wham!  “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” or Benny Benassi’s “The Biz” “Satisfaction” (our personal favorite).

There are also different modes to the game.  You can play alone, in a duets portion where  you dance with comical spins, jumps, and crossovers, dance battles, party mode which is a straight up ongoing dance fest and in just sweat an exercise mode disguised as fun.

This game is hilariously entertaining.  It encourages you to get on your feet and lay down some funky moves and that we did.  We are actually thinking about having a “Just Dance” mini party at our house to get our friends moving and shaking with us.

Whether you are battling your friends, dancing alone or in a duet this game is worth it!

This post is part of my 101 in 1001 series. Please click on the “101 in 1001” tag to read the many other attempts.


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