Fill in the Blank Friday

Friday has never looked so good!! For us here in New Jersey it is cold, dreary and very, very, very icy. What a better way to start this day then with a Fill in the Blank Friday from The Little Things We Do…


1. If I could only read one magazine publication for the rest of eternity, I would choose Domino. Right now I don’t have a magazine that I love as much as I did that magazine! I was so sad when they decided to stop publishing.

2. If I were to run my own magazine it would be about fashion and food. Two of my favorite things in life.

3. I buy my magazines (at the grocery check stand or via subscription) I subscribe to all of the magazines that I love. My husband does get a little annoyed sometimes because they can take over our very little mailbox.

4. I prefer my magazines (in print or online) in print. I love holding a magazine in my hand and being able to keep it if I would like. There is something about the colors and the feel of the paper that just gets me.

5. The number of magazines I buy each month is I don’t buy any magazines when I am out. I only subscribe.

6. My favorite magazine genre is (lifestyle, gossip, home, etc…) Right now it would be anything dealing with home or cooking. Those are two of my favorite things of the moment. Otherwise, it is fashion.

7. The magazines I read regularly are Food Network, Elle, In Style, Cooking Light and Cuisine at Home. There are others, but I just can’t seem to remember them at the moment!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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