Nothing Else Matters

89. Find a new musical artist to add to my list of music every day for a month (3/30)

There is nothing greater then hearing a song you know by heart from one band redone by another. This song by Apocalyptica was originally done by Metallica. Now you can say what you want to about Metallica, but I like them. They remind me of a time in my life that is completely different from the one that I have now. “Nothing Else Matters” brings me back to that time.

The other day K called me over to the computer. He was looking around YouTube and found this video. We both are really big classic music lovers and were amazed at the remake. K is actually thinking of getting the album. Even if you do not like Metallica you may like the song.

** If you are interested in sending me new music please do!! Just add a comment and I will check them out. I am always on the look out for new tunes!


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