51. Take a cooking class and learn something really great

Number 51 of my 101 in 1001 was to “Take a cooking class and learn something really great”. This weekend my good friend Candice (or as some of you may know her BookishPenguin) and I decided to take a cooking class. We are both really big fans of french macarons and whoppie pies so we thought the best route would be to take a class on making them. We both signed up for a class at the Viking Cooking School.

If you have never tried a Viking Cooking class before I highly recommend it. The staff is incredibly helpful and informative. In class they taught us the secrets to creating crisp, well-risen macarons, prevention of macaron cracking, how to make chocolate ganache as well as tinting and flavoring buttercream, making and baking whoopie pie cookies with the traditional marshmallow and peanut butter whoopie pie fillings.

We left with a box of delicious macarons and some tasty whoopie pies. As you can tell from the picture the french macarons did not make an appearance because they were gobbled up by me before hand. I actually had to grab the peanut butter whoppie pie from the husband before he ate it all so I could get this shot.

All and all the class was a great experience. I am hoping to find the time to go back soon to have another shot at learning something new and exciting. They have so many different course from Pasta Making to French Cuisine. But for now I am looking forward to making these delicious treats for friends and family.


One thought on “51. Take a cooking class and learn something really great

  1. i never tried macarons but they look delicious, sadly i can’t find any in Birmingham (UK) but i they don’t sell them anyhere due to the short shelf life 😦 do you know a simple recipe i could try?

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