Currently obsessed with….

Currently obsessed with….
Current guilty pleasure
 T.V. Shows on Netflix.  I can’t seem to get enough.
Current color: 
Purple.  I bought a dozen shirts the other day in all shades.
Current playlist
Whatever is on my iPod.  I have it on constant shuffle.
Current read: 
Elisa’s Bones.  Free on Kindle so I decided to give it a try.
Current drink: 
Current food:
 Quesadillas.  I made the most amazing ones on Sunday.
Current favorite show: 
The Closer.  Starting from Season 1 on Netflix.
Current wish list: 
A new wedding band, a vacation, nice weather.
Current needs: 
Gym clothing and new sneakers.  Need to get into shape!
Current triumphs: 
 Didn’t spend money on lunch for the last two weeks!
Current bane of my existence: 
My alarm clock in the morning.
Current celebrity crush: 
Ryan Reynolds.  Always.
Current indulgence:
 Ice pops.
Current blessing: 
My family and friends.
Current outfit: 
Black slacks, ballet flats, cute top.
Current excitement:  
My husband is back from his trip!! Woot!
Current mood:

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