There is a vacation in my future. Somewhere…

Life has been busy. Overwhelmingly hectic weeks at work with project and meetings lined up for miles, birthday parties, cleaning and entertaining whenever we have a chance, organizing and spring cleaning our apartment, making, completing and abandoning a lot of to-do lists, and so on and so forth.

I’ve realized that I seem to be on this never-ending quest to catch up in every single aspect of my life.  There never seems to be enough time lately to finish a project, visit friends, take a trip, visit old co-workers or just sit and relax.

Sometimes people comment on how K and I have everything together.  Our house always looks immaculate and our schedules booked to perfection.  Little do they know that it takes a lot of hard work and sometimes a bit of our sleep.

Even though today is in the 80’s and the sun is shining, I can’t help but think how much we still need to get done.  We most likely will have people coming over today and the house is a wreck.  We have clothing that needs to get cleaned, I need a dress for an upcoming wedding and K still needs to get work clothing for his upcoming internship.  Every day we are on the go and this summer is not going to let up.  With K’s new internship it means 7 days of work for him and work and picking up the slack at home for me.  A vacation or a getaway is not near in our future.

I also have realized that this blog has been suffering.  Twenty three days without a written word.  I believe that is a record for me.  I just haven’t had the time to sit, let alone write.  I miss being able to take a picture of what we have eaten and post about it.  I miss Monday Five Countdowns, the 101 in 1001 List, Fill in the Blank Friday’s and just my usual ramblings.

K and were talking yesterday on our daily walk about taking a vacation like our honeymoon when everything has settled down.  We took a week to fly to Jamaica and stay at a Sandles.  We both agree it was the most amazing vacation that we have ever taken.  Maybe it was because it was our first vacation together as a married couple or just the thought of being away.  We crave the simplicity of that vacation and moments when we can sit by ourselves not doing a thing and not feeling guilty about it.  One of the best things about that vacation was we were not attached to our cell phones.  Due to roaming charges we had to have our phone off for 90% of the vacation.  No texting.  No calls.  Nothing to disturb us from each other. It was pure bliss!

We would like to lie on a bed in the sun and not have anywhere to go or anything to do.  Read a book, cuddle and talk to each other, have a wonderfully cool cocktail.  I can’t tell you how appealing that sort of thing sounds right now. Too bad we have to wait at least 4 months for it to become a possibility.


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