A mandatory lazy weekend.

Since Hurricane Irene was on her way to New Jersey this weekend K and I had a mandatory lazy weekend. We stayed in our pajamas all day cuddling up with fluffy blankets. We took naps and then a couple of more naps. We watched movies, played video games and snacked on foods that we usually don’t store in the house.

When shopping a couple of days before the storm, K and I armed ourselves with the foods that usually are not stocked in our house on a regular basis: ice cream cake, chips, appetizers, sangria and anything naughty we could get our hands on. We also stocked up on fruits, veggies and canned foods. On Friday evening I made a couple of meals for the upcoming days as most news channels were telling us that the lights might go out and the response time for PSE&G could be delayed for up to 5 days. Better safe than sorry.

We knew that we were going to be in the house all weekend and wanted to indulge a little. Ok, a lot. We went into a sugar/carb/sangria overload. It was worth it. We laughed, drank and played to our hearts content while the storm brewed and howled outside. We danced in the rain. We kept each other company and watched way too many movies.

We were very lucky not to have had any damage and that our lights stayed on for the entirety of the storm. We were ready for the worse that Hurricane Irene could throw at us. We are grateful she decided to be kind.

On Sunday we headed over to my parents house to help with the clean-up. They had a bit of water in the basement. Armed with high water pants, water proof boots and a couple of pizzas we were all able to clean out the basement in a couple of hours.

I hope that wherever you were this weekend that you were safe and that the Hurricane Irene was also kind to you.


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