Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Do you guys know what day it is? It’s Thursday. What are Thursday’s going to be from now on? Awkward and Awesome! I decided to start doing Sydney’s fabulous Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s. If you haven’t taken a look at her style blog you should really pop over. I hope to one day be as stylish as she.

– Sending out an corporate wide e-mail at work to find out that the link doesn’t work because they just changed it two minutes after I sent the e-mail.
– Tripping in front of a co-worker.
– Stepping into the kitchen to put away our cereal and milk. Placing said cereal in the refrigerator and the milk in the cabinet.
– A little boy at the supermarket running up to me and hugging my leg. Looks up to realized…hey that is NOT my mother!

– After taking a shower this morning I came into my room to find Layla, our cat, laying on my side of the bed – head on my pillow and blanket over her furry little body. Hilarious.
– Hot showers on a chilly morning. I never want to get out!
– Finding extra money in my checking account. I am working with my old employer to help out with the overload of work that they have received. Lucky for me their payment schedule is on the opposite week of my current employer.
– Coming home to a completely cleaned house and laundry done. Awesome husband!


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