Normal or just myself?

Normal or just myself?

  • Sometimes I talk to my cat. “Hey Layla, how are you today? Did you have fun while we were at work?”
  • Sometimes I think she answers me with meows.
  • When I see an incredibly attractive person my brain completely shuts off. I was having a conversation with a friend at work and a man who was a Greek god walked pass us. I couldn’t tell you what she said after that.
  • Whenever I drive past a cop on the street I am convinced he is running my plates and will pull me over for something I didn’t do.
  • I usually enjoy the company of men over women. I feel as though they understand me more.
  • I have a hard time leaving voicemails. I either leave too long of a message or completely forget what I am going to say after the beep. Yes, everyone loves silence and then a dial tone. Right? Right?
  • I hate wearing heels. I don’t think I have worn them since 1999.
Are you normal or just yourself?

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