Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Do you guys know what day it is? It’s Thursday. What are Thursday’s going to be from now on? Awkward and Awesome! Take a look at Sydney’s fabulous Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s and post your own. I dare ya!

– Talking to someone who I thought was Michael when he was really Todd. Oops!
– A much older man asking if I wanted a kiss. Then hands me a Hershey kiss. Cute? Creepy?
– Slipping in the snow on the way to my car. Ouch!
– The amount of leftover candy I have consumed.

– Having heat and electricity through the snowstorm. We were one of the lucky ones.
– Finally having weather where I can wear my plethora of scarves.
– The word plethora.
– Pinterest. Here I am.
– Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for my family. Yea I know it is too early to be shopping, but when you find a good gift you just have to go with it.
– Leftover Halloween candy.

Have any Awkward and Awesome’s to add?


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