Tuesday’s Inspiration.

As was told yesterday, K and I are going to try to experience life without television for a month.  We both love to challenge ourselves.  For us this is a pretty big challenge because we are both so used to having the television as a distraction.  Last night was our first night.  K did fine.  I, on the other hand, did not do as well.  I was bit a cranky.  I yelled at K. I yelled at Layla, our cat. I yelled at the bed when I stubbed my toe.  Hopefully it was just because of the day I had, not anything that had to do with our challenge.  Let’s see how tonight goes.

So while we have nights without television we will be doing things that inspire us -reading a great book, playing a game of scrabble, having long talks, long walks and DIY projects.  Below are a couple of projects that I have been meaning to make.  They are pinned on Pinterest and have sat there for months.  Now it is time to get the supplies out and bring them to life.

1. Scrabble coasters
2. Crayon Wreath {Perfect present for my sister who is a teacher}
3. Guitar shelving {We already have a guitar that is broken!}
4. Snowball Wreath
5. DIY: Taco Seasoning {Mmm..tacos}
6. Colorful DIY Mirror


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