Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Do you guys know what day it is? It’s Thursday. What are Thursday’s going to be from now on? Awkward and Awesome! Take a look at Sydney’s fabulous Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s and post your own. I dare ya!


– My poor husband having to deal with the first day of our 30 day challenge of no television.  I was major crankypants.

– Getting stuck in traffic because of a lawyer’s convention that is being held in the hotel next to my building. Ugh, traffic and lawyers.

– Shopping.  I dislike going into a store, getting what I need and then having to wait on a line with one register and a women who can’t decide if she wants the blue socks or the brown.  PICK ALREADY!

– Trying to plan a get together with a friend and her husband.  When I tell her that the next Saturday we have available isn’t till mid January she says, “Yea right.  Bet you just don’t want to see us.”  Yerm, I do BUT I work two jobs and schedule everything from doctors, hang outs, haircuts and family visits.  Not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas are right in the middle of it all.

– Date night tonight with my husband – a dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe and then off to a free movie preview.  Can’t wait.

– The buffalo chicken rolls at the Grand Lux Café. Soooo good!

– Last night I was able to sit back with fuzzy socks, a mud mask, a book, a great big glass of wine in a quiet apartment.  I was beyond ecstatic.

– Working with my best friend. Awesome.  Being able to have lunch together whenever we want.  Even more Awesome.

– Prime parking when you need to hit a store and leave quickly.  Happen twice this week.

– A full calendar of wonderful events coming up.

What’s happening in your life that is either Awkward and/or Awesome?


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