Off to the Races…

Family. Friends. Food. Horse Races.

I woke Saturday to our cat purring in my ear. She loves to wake me in the morning with cuddles and then shows me the way to her food. Shortly after, I was asked to breakfast and shopping. What a great way to start a Saturday morning.

That evening friends of ours invited us to a get together that involved a horse derby and betting. I am not exactly sure how to describe how everything went down, but I will try. First off, there were no horses. How do you have a horse derby without any horses you ask? Well, you sit at a table with eight other people. There you will find a printout with the “horses”, each having a silly name. Each person at the table gets to select one horse each round to bet on. Each person places a one dollar bet in the middle of the table. At the front of the room there is a large magnet board with the eight numbers on it. They signify the “horse”. Eight sets of die are rolled and the numbers are counted. Shouting ensues. The die are rolled until one of the “horses” reaches the end of the “track”. There is a random winner each time to ensure everybody is kept on the edge of their seats. The winner gets the money from the middle of the table and the race start again. Imagine my luck when I see Delightfully Danielle, my pick of course. What are the odds?

We had so much fun that we are trying to think of a way to make our own board and have Horse Race Parties at our place!

Sleep. Painting. Trivia. Dinner.

After Saturday’s excitement, winning four of the eight games we played, K and I decided to sleep in. After a hardy sleep we ventured into our kitchen and gave it a good painting. Painting the kitchen then turned into painting the hallway. Of course, after the hallway was done, a nap transpired, homemade pizza with a heavy dose of trivia and dinner at my parents.

All in all , this weekend was a great one. It reminds me of how many great opportunities we have been able to have and that we have the most wonderful friends. I look forward the rest of this month’s planned activities.


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