Can be it be true? Are we just too busy? Is breathing even an option?

An article on The Wall Street Journal’s website disagrees. The article suggests that we actually seem to have more time on our hands then we originally realize. We claim to be swamped at work, but in reality find time to check Facebook and sneak in a Starbucks run.

The most memorable part of the article for me is:
“Ask yourself what you’d like to do with your time. Claiming to be busy relieves us of the burden of choice. But if you’re working 50 hours a week, and sleeping eight hours a night (56 per week) that leaves 62 hours for other things. That’s plenty of hours for a family life and a personal life — exercising, volunteering, sitting on the porch with the paper, plus watching TV if you like. Set goals — maybe three hours of exercise and swapping out two hours of TV for reading — and see where in your 168 hours you could make that happen.”

Kick up your feet and take a moment to think about it. You might just find that you have enough time.


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