Simple & Easy Scrabble Fridge Tiles

Can’t get enough of your favorite word game?  Bring Scrabble to your kitchen! It’s so easy to turn old Scrabble tiles into refrigerator magnets.  All you need is a set of Scrabble tiles, small magnets and a hot glue gun.  Place a small drop of hot glue on the back of a tile and place the magnet.  Let dry and viola you have magnetic Scrabble tiles!

You can practice your skills while waiting for water to boil, your husband to do the dishes or after a drunken midnight snack.

I’ve wanted to make these magnetic letters forever.  My husband and I are avid players and were tired of the board being knocked over by our lovely kitty, Layla.  After making the tiles we came up with the idea of “themed” games.  As you can see from the picture one month’s theme was Doctor Who.  Games can take as little as a couple of days or even up to a month depending on the subject.

If you aren’t into crafts but love the idea, check out Fred Flare’s Scrabble Refrigerator Magnet Set.


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