A motto to live by.

I get it. I am in my mid–thirties. I am suppose to be pregnant or at least on my way to a second child. We should live in a house with a white picket fence and 1.5 pets. Our car should be a minivan and weekends should be spent watching the kids play a sport. I’m supposed to cook dinner every night and bake for the neighbors on weekends. Dinner parties, book clubs and loafers. Wine and cheese parties, a fancy charity get together and date nights with my husband.

There are days that we really think that life should be like this and that our lives need to stem from a romantic comedy or an indie film. Then we remember that it only happens in movies. Dishes that weren’t done from the night before, being short on cash and wine without the cheese are our kind of days.

I am ok with this. There is no reason I need to be the person I thought I was going to be when I was younger. Situations change, loves lost, some found and I’m not the person I thought I once was going to be. I have a good life. I am in love with a man that is the most wonderfully funny, sweet and sarcastic person I have ever met.  I am closer to my family than I ever thought I would be and my work is fulfilling.

I try to live by this motto: Never regret your choices or where you are in life. Things can always change in an instant. Create the life that you want to live NOW, don’t rely on what you wanted THEN.


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