Merchandising! Merchandising!

Curiosity got the best of me when I came upon “Heat Wave”. The novel is “written” by Richard Castle, one of my favorite TV characters. ABC Network had a great idea for cross-over merchandising by having the author in the show “Castle” write actual books.

The novel is about a cop and a journalist who get involved in a case of a wealthy businessman who falls to his death from his 6th floor apartment. They have to put together their case and pull the many threads of evidence that will unravel the truth.

I have to admit the book really does read like a good episode of Castle. There were many comparisons with the TV program. It was easy to visualize the characters since they are modeled so closely to the characters in the show.

The novel was an entertaining and fun read. If you are a fan of Castle and you like reading mysteries, “Heat Wave” will be right up your alley. It isn’t something that’s going to win literary awards or become a classic, but it is a simple read that works well.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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