I know I’m late to the party but who cares!?!

Let me explain.

About a week or so ago, Mr. Sweet & I finally broke down and bought an iPad. For the longest time I have wanted one. It’s a big purchase and one that we weren’t sure we wanted to venture into. Mr. Sweet & I are very conservative when it comes to buying. Anything above $100 is considered a large purchase and goes into the “we must discuss” pile. We research, save and then after agreeing finally buy.

The feeling of discovery and addictive rush of having everything at my finger tips is incredible. I am immersed. There are apps for just about every category, magazines that once piled up on my desk I now have at a touch of a finger, I can play a game of Scrabble with friends who live states away, and a presentation for work is all the more interesting.

I am only in the infancy of discovering the awesomeness of having an iPad. I have downloaded the usual apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterst. Streaming is unbelievable with the Netflix and Optimum apps. Our Netflix Instant Queue has doubled because of it. Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, Torchwood, Downton Abbey and many others have now been added. I’m ashamed to say I have watched a day straight of Battlestar Galactica while Mr. Sweet ecstatically played his Borderlands. Side by side we are able to do things that we once had to schedule because of our one TV rule.

Who cares if I am late to the party..I’m finally here right?


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