Born Standing Up.

I have been on a reading rampage lately!  My latest read was “Born Standing Up” by Steve Martin.  I grew up admiring Steve and always appreciated his self deprecating humor. He has a skill of captivating an audience beyond his stand-up routines and movies.  He is an extraordinary good writer and I have been looking forward to reading yet another of his books.  I adored both “Shopgirl” and “An Object of Beauty”.

Born Standing Up” is primarily about Martin’s evolution as a stand-up comic over 18 years.  I felt like I had a privileged look into his comedic genius rise to fame. The book is filled with fascinating details and great insights into his family life, his struggles to gain fame, and then his ultimate struggle to handle the fame he had always wanted.

I loved this book. As with all Martin’s writing, the style of this book is crisp, the pace quick, and you should be done with it a few hours if not days.


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