Delightfully Living: Day 47 – Day 53

365 photo project – the simple act of taking a picture every day for a year. The idea behind starting the project is for me to try to get myself to slow down and take a different look at the world. The series is called Delightfully Living. This is Day 47 – Day 53.

What you will see: moments of time, food, details of the world around me and things that I enjoy.

Day 47: Hanging around the house watching movies and relaxing. I love Saturday’s where we don’t have anything planned.

Day 48: Mr. Sweet went out for the night and I decided to stay in. A little snack while catching up on all of the shows I recorded on DVR.

Day 49: Schedule our summer vacation 6 months in advance. Can’t wait!

Day 50: After a long day all I wanted to do was cuddle under the covers and watch The Mindy Project.

Day 51: New T-shirt! A Hello Kitty/My Neighbor Totoro Mash-up.

Day 52: It’s been one of those cold weeks where I don’t want to get out of bed. No Sun. Five more minutes!

Day 53: Last night I could seem to get to sleep. I was reading a book via my Kindle app and looked up to see Layla’s face. It looked like a floating kitty head!



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